Executives at FMC Technologies talk about their new Campus at Generation Park near Summerwood

McCord Development has released a new video that features executives from FMC Technologies talking about how they’re approaching their new campus at Generation Park.

“There are a lot of sites in Houston, but they are too small, they can’t accommodate our growth”.  Says John Gremp, Chairman, President & CEO of FMC Technologies, “I think that’s kind of the genius of McCord organization and Generation Park, is the site here is large enough to scale up and handle a company like ours”.

Within the next 10 years, FMC Technologies goal is to consolidate all of its 10 Houston facilities-including its corporate headquarters-to a single, state-of-the-art campus.

generation park video stillWithin the next two years, the company will move approximately 1,800 of its 3,700 Houston employees to the new campus. During this first phase, FMC Technologies will consolidate its western region subsea services operations into a single, 70-acre campus. With more than a million square feet of office and workshop space, this expansion will more than double the region’s existing subsea services capacity.

Sanford Criner, Executive Vice President of CBRE says, “This is a strategic move for FMC, the consolidation to them means it’s going to improve their operations, and it’s going to provide the kind of campus that can attract and retain the very best talent, and that’s the thing that’s in shortest supply today.

Click here to watch the short video.

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