City of Humble establishes Downtown Improvement Program

On April 9, 2015 The City of Humble passed resolution 15-747 establishing a Downtown Improvement Program to enhance and promote the downtown area through a matching grant program designed to visually improve, and beautify the exterior appearances of property and building within the area outlined in the map below.

Summary information from Res-15-747


  1. Amount. Qualifying applicants may be approved for a matching grant to a maximum amount of $10,000 plus reimbursement of some or all City permit fees relating to the project.
  2. Budget. Each year the City Council may allocate monies to this program, and the total amount of grants may be limited to this allocation.
  3. Disbursement. The funds will be disbursed by the City Manager in
    accordance with these guidelines who will approve projects on a case by case basis.

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  1. Location. The applicant is a commercial business or residence, not including places of worship located within a geographic area bounded more or less by Rail Road Avenue to the West, Fisher Rd to the South, S. Houston Avenue to the East and 7th Street to the North as further depicted on a map attached herto as Exhibit “A.” The City Manager reserves the right to review, accept and approve applications received from properties immediately adjacent to this area.
  2. Type of Improvement. The nature of the proposed improvement should be viewable from a public right of way or otherwise enhance the overall outward appearance of the property, and may include the following or similar type improvements as determined by the City Manager to meet the general provisions of these the guidelines outlined in Res-15-747:
  3. Authorization. The applicant must be either the owner or the lessee of all the property towards which the grant relates. Applications by lessees must have the approval of the owner as well.
  4. Good Standing. The applicant and the property must be in good standing with the City, current on all monies due the City and not involved in a lawsuit or other legal actions against the City.
  5. Cash Expenditures. Only applicant’s actual cash expenditures may be used as a grant match to receive City funds but in kind services may be considered for applicant’s match.

Additional details can be found on the City of Humble website, or by reading resolution Res-15-747