Mouth watering BBQ you must try from The Q Joint in New Caney, Texas

Message from the Editor

After reading the article Scott Sandlin posted on Texas Pit Quest about The Q Joint, I had to try it for myself, so I took a short drive from HKA Texas to New Caney to visit with Sloan Rinaldi, the owner, and pitmaster of The Q Joint — Then I sat down to try her competition BBQ.

My first thoughts.. Oh my.. Wow… This is really good… YES!! … We have a winner… Can I have more? — The brisket was tender, moist, and packed with flavor. Cooked “Low and Slow… With a Lil’ Twang!” as they say.

The Q Joint in New Caney receives the HKA Texas stamp of approval, and will be added to the business spotlight section of this website.

Business Hours are Friday, Saturday & Sundays, 11 AM until Sold Out. Additional details are provided below.

Russell Lambert
HKA Texas News Director, Editor

Texas Q Presents "The Q Joint" - New Caney, TX by Scott Sandlin at Texas Pit Quest

There’s a new Q Joint in town.

The Q Joint is the new retail venture of Texas Q Competition BBQ & Catering, a competitive BBQ team and catering operation from the Kingwood area. Sloan Rinaldi, owner and pitmaster, is a 4th generation BBQ cooker, and is no stranger to the BBQ way of life. Her grandfather founded Fowler’s in Crockett, TX.

Sloan got her start in competition BBQ about two years ago, with 2014 being her first full year of competing. She got the attention of many on the circuit early, placing 3rd in ribs in her first competition event last May. She’s also been catering for public and private events, where Texas Q built a reputation for the quality product they were providing to people that don’t normally get a chance to taste competition BBQ. She has a passion for pit-smoked meats and great sauce, and the natural next step was to make competition-quality BBQ available to the public with The Q Joint. Their homemade sauce, which Sloan is very proud of, is available online and at their new location. It’s a sweet sauce, with a nice kick of spice at the finish. “Sweet with some heat,” she says.

Sloan says “I don’t want to overpower the flavor of the meats with hickory or mesquite.” Texas Q is after a finished product with a “subtle, sweet smoke”. She uses a combination of dry pecan and dry apple wood, with wet cherry to fuel their custom reverse-flow, trailer-mounted pit, manufactured by East Texas Smoker Company in Tyler, TX. Their rig is outfitted with everything they need for catering or competing.

On this visit I was able to sample brisket point, chopped brisket and sausage. The brisket was tender and moist, with good smoke penetration and a thin bark that held a hint of sweetness from the rub. “Low ‘n slow with a lil’ twang” her business card reads. I missed out on ribs and pulled pork for the day, giving me an excuse for a follow-up visit soon. The Q Joint is open 10 am until sold out, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There isn’t much for seating; just a couple of picnic tables, so it really is a ‘to-go’ operation for now.

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q joint logo
Located at 21928 Loop 494 in New Caney, Texas
Corner of 494 and Community Drive next to Keeli’s Cupcakes
Business Hours are Friday, Saturday & Sundays, 11 AM until Sold Out.

You can pre order online at

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