ShowBiz Cinema adding SDX and adult beverage service

Signs of construction are visible at the ShowBiz Cinema in Kingwood.

“We are adding our signature SDX screen, In addition, we are adding an adult beverage service that will offer premium wine, beer and frozen drinks.” says Nikki Daniel, Marketing and sales director for ShowBiz Cinema.

ShowBiz Cinemas Superior Digital Experience is the ultimate in cinematic entertainment, both in sound and sight.

According to ShowBiz Cinema, this is what you can expect from their SDX (Superior Digital Experience)

  • A 70-foot superior, custom-made screen that triple in size from your average movie screen ensuring you’ll see every defining detail and hear the softest of pin drops.
  • Luxury seating featuring over-sized, over-stuffed, premium leather reclining seats. Especially designed for ShowBiz Cinemas from Seating Concepts, the leading supplier of in-theatre seating in the world, our plush comfortable seats will put you in the picture.
  • An all-immersive 3D Sound System called Dolby ATMOS. Dolby ATMOS features 64 Channels of DOLBY Stereo Sound, with each channel focused to pinpoint accuracy, a thunderous leap from today’s standard 5.1 channel. The SDX auditorium will be surrounded on all sides (including the ceiling) with speakers placed so precisely to recreate the most realistic all immersive sound ever featured in a theatrical setting.
  • For a more powerful image projection, SDX will feature the newest BARCO Digital Projector with the ability to run films in 4K resolution and High Frame Rates (HFR). This is coupled with RealD’s 3D system for the ultimate 3D experience.

Daniel says “Be prepared, the ShowBiz Cinemas SDX is a first-class movie going experience sure to be the only way you’ll want to see movies. ”

ShowBiz Cinemas goal is to have SDX up and running by Thanksgiving 2014.