Some Good Eatin’ at Bill’s Cafe in Kingwood

If you haven’t e tried a burger from Bill’s Cafe, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Bill’s Cafe has a laid-back atmosphere, It’s not for everyone, but if you want to have a good time, and get a great burger, Bill’s is the place for you.

Here are the top ten answers, to the top ten questions from Bill’s Menu.

10. Yes, sit where you want.
9. Yes, this is all we have on the menu.
8. Yes, this is the only salad dressing.
7. No, we don’t have baked potatoes.
6. Yes, all of our food is good!
5. Yes, this is all the seating we have.
4. Yes, there is a waitress outside.
3. No, we don’t have chicken fried steak and never did!!!
2. Yes, we only serve cold beer.
1. No, we don’t know when y our food will be ready!

And if that’s not enough for you, See what everyone says about Bill’s when we asked them about the Best Burgers in HKA Texas on Facebook.
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