Red light camera banned in Texas

Texas to prohibit the use of photographic traffic signals (BAN ON RED LIGHT CAMERAS)

On Friday (May 17, 2019) The Texas State Senate signed off on a measure that will get rid of red-light cameras in Texas.

House Bill 1631 proposed by Rep. Jonathan Stickland of Bedford, Texas cleared the Senate on a 23.8 vote and has been sent to Gov. Abbott’s desk.

UPDATE 6/2/19: Governor Abbott signed the Bill on June 1, 2019 making the bill a law banning red light cameras in Texas. END UPDATE

A provision to allow local governments to continue operating cameras until they finish out any contracts in effect as of May 7 was left in place.

The City of Humble currently operates 10 cameras at five intersections in Humble, Texas at a cost of $51,500 per month

  • Westbound FM 1960 Bypass @ US 59
  • Westbound FM 1960 A (1st Street) @ US 59
  • Westbound FM 1960 Bypass @ Whitaker
  • Eastbound FM 1960 Bypass @ Whitaker
  • Westbound FM 1960 Bypass @ North Houston Ave.
  • Eastbound FM 1960 Bypass @ North Houston Ave.
  • Westbound FM 1960 Bypass @ Townsen Rd. (west of freeway)
  • Westbound FM 1960 Bypass @ Townsen Rd. (east of freeway)
  • Eastbound FM 1960 Bypass @ Townsen Rd. (east of freeway)
  • Northbound U.S. 59 @ FM 1960 Bypass

Humble began taking photos in November 2007 with five cameras. They added five more in 2008.

The City leases the equipment from American Traffic Solutions (ATS).

It has been reported in a recent Tribune article by Tom Broad that the “city received $3.26 million after payment to ATS – $1.62 million went to the state and $1.62 million stayed with the city”.

The City of Humble renewed their contract with ATS for 15 years in 2009, The contract between ATS and the City did not include provisions allowing for termination due to legislative action, therefore the contract allows the continued operation of the cameras in Humble, Texas until the contract expires in 2024.

UPDATE 6/4/19 – The City of Humble Police Departments issued the following statement on the department Facebook Page “The City of Humble will continue to operate its red light camera program and issue photo enforcement tickets as allowed by law.  The City will also abide by the terms of its contract with Verra Mobility (formerly American Traffic Solutions) until such time that cancellation terms that do not adversely affect the city can be negotiated and agreed to between the two parties. — If you have additional questions please contact the Photo Enforcement Office at 281-964-6025”. END UPDATE