52-acre corporate lifestyle center and West Lake Flyover at Generation Park

One of the many reasons FMC Technologies partnered with Generation Park to build their 173-acre campus is they knew Generation Park would provide a community where business and personal interests are met in a functional and beautiful setting. As part of this vision, Generation Park is under construction and nearing completion on West Lake, a 20-acre amenity lake on the north side of the development.

West Lake is more than just an impressive landmark that will enhance Generation Park’s beauty; it is a recreational meeting area with a one-mile exercise trail with bridges and boardwalks, a cascading waterfall, and a lush tree canopy.

The rendering above shows what West Lake will look like in mid-2015. West Lake will enhance the natural beauty of Generation Park and is part of our commitment to a business setting that keeps employees’ well-being at its forefront.

West Lake is yet another example of Generation Park’s commitment to not only aesthetics, but also functionality. There are over $60 million in infrastructure projects under construction in and around Generation Park, including miles of 4-lane boulevards and underground power (no power lines or outages here!)

We’re also in the process of bringing the S.PA (es-pah) online, a centralized employee-focused 52-acre center with office buildings, hotels, cafes, restaurants, entertainment, fitness and child development. The S.PA is a vital part of Generation Park, and with West Lake a short walk away, it’s an area that employees will gravitate towards for both pleasure and convenience.

Though supplementing our community framework with projects such as West Lake and the S.PA are essential, Generation Park remains laser-focused on our main mission: enabling the needs of our clients. To that end, we are proud to say that Generation Park now houses a second crane, a symbol of FMC Technologies’ million square foot vision quickly becoming a reality.

Generation Park is on the water and on the rise. 

For more information visit www.generationpark.com

John Flournoy
Vice President of Sales and Leasing
McCord Development, Inc.