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Houston PD investigating Humble PD in hit and run of 14 year old Kingwood boy

Isiah Carey with My Fox Houston (Fox 26) is reporting that “Investigators with the Houston Police Department say it was back in May when a 14 year old Kingwood resident was hit while leaving the Walgreen’s on W. Lake Houston at 9 pm on his bicycle.

That’s when the teenager told investigators while he was in the yellow crossing area he encountered a police officer in a marked unit. He says that officer told him to go. The 14 year old says when he did that’s when the officer hit him and drove off.

The only description Houston PD is working on has led them from Kingwood to the Humble Police Department.

The description of the police unit that hit the 14 year old was a white and black SUV with gold letters. It was sort of like the one you see here at Humble PD. In fact there are several vehicles fitting that description at the department.

As a result we’ve learned investigators from HPD (Houston Police Department) wanted to interview every officer who drives SUV’s at Humble PD.

The attorney who represents the cops at Humble, Greg Cagle, tells fox 26 news that was too wide of a net.

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